Monday, 9 June 2014

Maseno University is quite a hard nut to crack; no one can agree with me more than Mc Njugush. He learned this probably the hardest way: when he tried to tickle the ears of a huge crowd that gathered in the GSQ on Friday night for the standard Digital Entertainment campus tour. You know when you are on that grand stage and you are basically paid to entertain and your target audience isn’t so receptive- it kind of scary. The Standard digital campus tour began in Daystar University and this Friday it was Maseno’s turn, the fourth stop after Chuka and Kenyatta Universities.

Never mind the almost bad night it could have been if the fervent fans were to spend the entire evening with the hype man as eventually it was time for the crème de la crème of the SDE entourage to take the stage. As if to the rescue of a crowd whose spirits had begun to wither out, Dj Mo was the first to hop onto the stage and since then everything changed. A performance after another electrified the crowd. This was grant opportunity for the Maseno students to meet their best local gospel artists. The performers of the night included the super energetic Size 8 who did her Mateke song; Willy Paul entertained the crowd with his songs ‘Sitolia and Kitanzi that he has featured Gloria Muliro. Rufftone did his hit song ‘Mungu baba Twaomba’, that seeks to inculcate brotherhood among Kenyans. Other stunning performances were from DK Kwenye beat, Hopekid, Benachi, Saints Stevoh and Innocent persons.

Willy Paul performing during the SDE campus tour-Maseno

Besides its entertainment purpose the tour also aimed at promoting standard Group’s online platforms such as the campus vibe website where students can post peculiar stories from their campuses. For any article that is used by standard, the writer will be paid by the company.

Many opinions about the event may remain untold but for sure the event was refreshing for the university that has been adamantly referred to as a bush university. The entourage will visit Moi University next.

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